Testers who are located within the United States are required to submit a W-9 form to uTest if they earn $500 or more within a calendar year. If a tester reaches $500 without a W-9 on file, their payments will be suspended until the W-9 is received.

To submit your W-9:

  1. Log into https://www.utest.com.

  2. Click the dropdown menu beside your name in the left navigation and select Payments.

  3. Click the link to download a W-9 form.

  4. Print, fill out, and sign the W-9 form. To avoid any delays in processing, please be sure you’ve filled it out completely and correctly.

  5. Send a copy of the completed form to tester support by navigating to http://help.utest.com/contact-support and selecting W-9 Question/Submission.

Once Tester Support receives and processes your W-9, your payments will be reactivated and your pending payments will be processed the next pay period.